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Pekko Käppi, Tomutonttu, Soundi Mozard & The Bodybuilderz


Pekko Käppi

Platform and Filmverkstaden collaborated in organizing an end of the year event at the old soapfactory in Palosaari. The night was full packed with great music, visuals and screenings by Filmverkstaden. The event was also a celebration for the old factory, as it will be demolished in the near future.

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Invitation to participate in Terry Riley’s In C


Platform is planning to have a performance of Terry Riley’s 1964 classic minimalistic music piece In C in Vaasa on Sunday, March 8th. We would like to invite you to join us in the performance, mostly because it’s such a fun to play in a big group of players and also because Riley himself says that the ideal (though not the only possible) amount of players for In C is somewhere around 35 musicians. More than that is no problem as long as we don’t have to rent an ice hockey arena for the performance.

The piece consists of 53 small melodic patterns, all played in sequence from 1 to 53 as many times as the player wants and whenever he or she wants. Nearly all the patterns are fairly easy, so you don’t need super virtuoso skills to play this music. What you need is the ability to listen everybody around you, some sense of rhythm and decent understanding of how this kind of music develops and works. Of course a very big help is to be able to read music. To In C you can bring whichever instrument you feel comfortable with, electric or acoustic. One guy plans to play the whole thing on his hurdy-gurdy! The performance in March in Vaasa will be at Kuula Institute’s hall, so 1-3 players can just come there and play the grand piano of the venue.

The score and the instructions you find here:

And here’s one version of the piece played by a Danish contemporary music group. You can find plenty of others (better or worse) in Youtube, Spotify and Naxos library:

But it’s said that ”the best performance of In C is the one your local new-music ensemble will give sooner or later.” That ensemble being us this time!

We will have at least one rehearsal for those unsure of their skills and/or for those who just want to play through the passages early enough. Maybe play the whole piece through lightly, too. A little bit like getting the brains adjusted. That would be in February, well before the spring holiday season. Other February rehearsals are optional. On the performance week we should have a rehearsal in Vaasa at least on Friday the 6th for all possible players and on Saturday the 7th at the day time for everybody involved.

This is the only performance now, but next autumn (September most likely) there’s a chance to have a retake on In C with the dancers of Liisa Pentti Dance Company.

So let us know by sending an email to if you or someone you know became interested to participate and join the Platform New Music Forces for this concert. See you all soon, here and there, on soil and in C!


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In Between the Legs of Strangeness


Platform Live 27.12.2014, 18.00
Mira-talo/huset/house, Kirkkopuistikko/Kyrkoesplanaden 34

Platform will host 5 artists from Stockholm’s Fylkingen, a long-standing venue and artists’s society focusing on experimental work in music, performance, video, film, dance, sound-text composition and intermedia. On Saturday 27th Marie Gavois, Hiroko Tsuchimoto, Sören Runolf, Irina Anufrieva and Per Åhlund will perform at Mira-house in Vaasa. The event starts at 18.00 and goes on as long as necessary. Join us and enjoy some first-class performances and sound pieces!

Free entrance!


Marie Gavois

Marie Gavois is a stage- and visual artist living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. She formulates her work in the fields and material of body, stage, dance, sculpture text and sound.

Staging action, with a visual language speaking in both big and small letters , the word as material became important as a starting point in her work in telling stories.

Marie is part of different artist collectives and initiatives where the artists organize and support independent productions and festivals, programming radical performance- and stage art as well as new music. To have a focus on the concrete local scene and space and an integrated dialogue with its surrounding is an important part of her way of getting on with the art.

Marie does collaborations as well, as a curator for performance art programs in collaboration with the artist Cecilia Germain, the two artists are organizing in Stockholm mainly. Gavois/Germain has written texts as a duo. Marie works with the composer Alexandra Nilsson in a project where the two artists research the voice as an instrument for abstraction, the voice as raw material, power construction and artistic tool together.

The third ongoing collaboration is with the filmmaker Michel Klöfkorn from Frankfurt in Germany, where Maries performative body is presented in moving image.



Hiroko Tsuchimoto

Hiroko Tsuchimoto is a visual/performance artist, living in Sweden since 2008. She began her career at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and went on to study at Konstfack and Kungl.Konsthögskolan (Royal Institute of Arts) in Stockholm.

Since moving to Europe, she has worked with ethnography as a subject matter. In her art she shifts between grand narratives and every day stories, highlighting the cultural construction of personal identity. She tells stories about otherness and the will to belong, based on her experiences as an Asian immigrant. This position gives her a bird’s eye view on both the Swedish – and Japanese society. Through her works she makes gaps in our normality, for self-reflection and external observations. Recent works focus on subject matter such as borders, myths and cultural mapping – exploring Swedish & Japanese folklore, set in a present day context. She often includes a feminist perspective, problematizing traditional gender roles and Japanese politics. Her goal is to make art that is easy on both critical eyes, and the disinterested gaze – creating an aesthetic experience, with a deeper meaning underneath.



Sören Runolf

Sören Runolf has been a member of free improvising group Lokomotiv Konkret (with Tommy Björk, Dror Feiler) for decades as well as Too Much Too Soon Orchestra, Smullotron and Cloudchamber. He has played regularly alongside Mats Lindström, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Johannes Bergmark and many others and is a member of Fire! Orchestra.

He is generally known for his innovative use of conventional instruments, such as the cello and the electric guitar but also uses synth, sampler, contact mics and analog & digital sound processors. He has made music for intermedia projects and dance, and has also been involved in innumerable Swedish and international improvised music constellations and experimental music groups.

Video clip of Lokomotiv Konkret:



Irina Anufrieva

Irina Anufrieva is a dancer, choreographer and performance artist with background in classical ballet and Japanese butoh dance. Educated at SU-EN Butoh Company in Sweden and InZhest Theatre in Belarus. In her work Irina researches physical manifestations in nature and human body, the interaction of all living things with each other, as well as the interaction of the material and immaterial, physical and mental.

Video documentation of solo dance performance VOID presented at The First Forum of Dance and Physical Theatres PlaStforma-Minsk-2013, Belarus.

Video documentation of dance performance Albus (2012) presented at Moderna museet, Sweden, 2012.
In collaboration with Joanna Bodzek (visual idea, costume and make up) and Per Åhlund (music: live electronics).



Per Åhlund

Per Åhlund resides in Stockholm, Sweden where he’s involved in several experimental music-, improvisation- and sound art-projects. His live soundscapes blur the boundaries between noise and music, stillness and hysteria, darkness and light. He create compositions on the verge of dissolving and focuses on mood and texture rather than tonality and rhythm.

He performs live on a regular basis and has the last few years toured with acts like Amber Asylum, ?Alos, b°tong and Origami Galaktika amongst others. He has released several full length albums containing abstract, dark soundscapes with such projects as Diskrepant, Skare and Den Arkaiska Rösten. He has also made music for experimental film and dance.

Live he use contact microphones, gadgets, voice, loops and effects to form abstract sound environments created in the moment. At Mirahuset he will perform a piece together with Irina Anufrieva.

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Platform Live 06.04.2013 @ 19.00

Platform Live: Artist talk Patrik Qvist + Sounds from Ostrobothnia 6.4.2013 @ 19.00

Platform invites you cordially for an evening with words, images and sounds.

Patrik Qvist

“Strategier för att förstå världen utifrån ett perspektiv av nära förestående kollaps.”
Platform’s artist in residence Patrik Qvist will start the evening with an artist talk and screening.

After the artist talk Platform will present 3 local artists with an interest in sound.

Johan Sandås – Contact

An interactive performance with contact microphones, where the audience can participate.

Arvid van der Rijt – Finland in 4 movements

An optical sound performance with 3 filmprojectors and the barcodes of sausage and spirits.
Via Kabanossi and Koskenkorva to Kaaos and Kaamos.

Vesa-Matti Live

An improvised live set with drummachine, sampler and synth.

The artist talk will begin at 19:00
Let’s see what the night brings!

Platform Studio@Kasern 14
Korsholmsesplanaden 6-8 Vaasa

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pikku pikku liten

A sound installation by Girilal Baars
Tritonia Academic Library
Yliopistonranta 7, Vaasa

Opening: Thursday 8.11. (17–19)
Open on Friday 9.11. (9–17) and Saturday 10.11. (11–15) 

Part of LittFest 2012 festival

Straddling the fence between Swedish and Finnish i Ostrabothnia, the installation attempts a rapprochement between the languages. Pikku pikku liten is an audible exploration of the linguistic cloud of Ostrabothnia: how over time words have drifted from one language to the other and back again, how the consonants and vowels have crowded in on each other.

Pikku pikku liten was conceived during a Platform residency in Vaasa in the winter of 2012. 25 individuals were recorded, each speaking in the range of a hundred words and phrases, spanning the gap between Finnish and Swedish. All the words that were collected and recorded have migrated from one language to the other, and sometimes back. In fact, some words have clearly been borrowed back and forth between the languages several times. Pikku pikku liten is piece that investigates the similarities of the languages, which, after all, have largely co-existed in the same region for centuries and so will undoubtedly have rubbed and soaked in each others’ essence in many subtle ways.

Many thanks to Platform and to all the folks who dug into their linguistic repository, sometimes reluctantly. And of course special thanks to those who kindly lent their voices to this project: Panu Sivonen, Ulrika Ferm, Seppo Lemponen, Peppe Rosvik, Eeva Lemponen, Marcus Lerviks, Eija Leinonen, Jimmy Pulli, Tuomo Väänänen, Mia Damberg, Maaria Niemi, Mikael Niemi, Ingela Johansson, Mariia Niemi, William Johansson, Marius Niemi, Ben Johansson, Pieta Turkka, Felix Eskola, Jimmy Pulli, Anna Slotte-Lüttge, Rasmus Hedlund, Alma Lüttge and Sami Jansson.

Girilal Baars is a composer, singer and musician working with contemporary experimental music and with traditional vocal ethnic/folk music. He is based in Uppsala, Sweden, but was born in Moscow, U.S.S.R., by Dutch and Indian parents. Many of his latest projects and compositions have featured voice, live electronics and sensors and attempt to explore old vocal traditions (ballads, folk songs, ethnic extended techniques, e.g. Tuvan throat singing) through contemporary experimental music techniques and aesthetics.

As a member of the male vocal quartet “Äijä”, with the “Girilal Baars Trio” and as a solo artist he has repeatedly toured Sweden, Finland and Russia, and also performed in the USA, UK, Germany, Tuva and several other countries. In 2009 “Äijä” released the CD “Jet-Black”, which was nominated for a Finnish Grammy in the ethnic music category.

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Audio Linguistic Laboratory


Welcome to participate ALL!

14.–28.10.2012 at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa.
Participation is free from the entrance fee to the museum.

The Audio Linguistic Laboratory is a cross-disciplinary project that deals with the investigation of the harmonic content in the two local languages Finish and Swedish.

The laboratory itself consists of a setup for video recording and a string-based instrument that instantaneously translates any sound to musical harmonics. The citizens of Vaasa are invited to come by to collaborate on creating abstract audio-video-portraits of the finish and the swedish language.

ALL is a project by the German sound- and media artist Florian Tuercke who is currently artist in residence at Platform.

In his artistic work, Tuercke investigates the musical and compositional structure of public space. Amongst others, his projects took place in Mexico City (2012), the European Capital of Culture Turku (2011) and 26 US-American Cities (2008/9).

More information on:


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