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Month: October 2012

Audio Linguistic Laboratory


Welcome to participate ALL!

14.–28.10.2012 at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa.
Participation is free from the entrance fee to the museum.

The Audio Linguistic Laboratory is a cross-disciplinary project that deals with the investigation of the harmonic content in the two local languages Finish and Swedish.

The laboratory itself consists of a setup for video recording and a string-based instrument that instantaneously translates any sound to musical harmonics. The citizens of Vaasa are invited to come by to collaborate on creating abstract audio-video-portraits of the finish and the swedish language.

ALL is a project by the German sound- and media artist Florian Tuercke who is currently artist in residence at Platform.

In his artistic work, Tuercke investigates the musical and compositional structure of public space. Amongst others, his projects took place in Mexico City (2012), the European Capital of Culture Turku (2011) and 26 US-American Cities (2008/9).

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