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Ato Hasford – Concert shedule and concepts

31st May – Tiny Desk Concert – Platform
Sudan Tiny Desk

19.30, Kyrkoesplanaden 20 D

Performance with slides of the greed and genocide in Sudan.
There are two sides of me as an artist. One that is happy to share my mission and commitment to uncovering the self, to show you the musical magic and potential of random musicians from different mastery levels. The other side is how we align to fulfil my assertion that art is not merely a tool for entertainment but an opportunity for positive activism. This night I share with you the plight of neo-colonialsm, slides of the greed and militarized genocide through the lense of Sudan. We begin with a lullaby to pacify and mourn the wounded, we end with high notes and hope, in the spirit of standing in solidarity and protest.

An production with support from Platform, Rainbow Alliance, Vaasa for Palestine


1st June – Tiny Desk Concert – DooBop, Vaasa.
Congo Tiny Desk  

19.30, Handelsesplanaden 12

Performance with slides about the neglect and abuse of Congo.

While Big Tech and the world’s imperial and capitalist powers keep aligning to ignore the rot and spoils they’re being accused of; tampering with the heart of Africa, stealing lands, forcing millions into tiny encampments and releasing rebels onto indigenous people so they can flee their homes and leave their lands bare for the scavengers to mine cobalt and other minerals that makes the west smart and a luxury the battered Congolese cannot afford or are denied, My band and I want to remind the world that we are watching. We’ll keep talking, we’ll keep playing to challenge the west gaslighting everyone that slavery and colonialism is over when the Congo is a panting testimony of these atrocities. We may not have power but we have a language everyone understands! Awareness is a good place to start. Music shoots the heart faster.

An production with support from Platform, Rainbow Alliance, Vaasa for Palestine


14th June – Concert in Protest – City Square, Vaasa.
Gay, Black and Palestine

20.15, Vasa city square.

Performance with messages from Palestine and solidarity with black and brown communities suffering genocides and homophobia.

My time in residency here in Vaasa has been leading to this moment. The universe aligned to equip and empower me with friendships, courage, access and talents; the tools one needs to simply proclaim that human life matters these days. These extraordinary days where oppression is the norm and standing up to it is the crime! So here’s me and my band, committing crimes of music and love, spreading messages from places being actively bombed and genocided, from places where being black means you’re invisible until there’s a gun pointed at you, from places where even identifying as a queer person can tantamount years in jail if you’re not mobbed to death. I sing about my homecountry, Ghana, homophobic and undemocratic. My band preaches fundamental human rights for all!

An production with support from Platform, Rainbow Alliance, Vaasa for Palestine

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