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Month: May 2022

Paesaggio by Dario Sanna, 2022

Paesaggio (Vaasa)

2022, Vaasa (Finland)

Environmental installation, two channel audio
Variable dimensions

Snow, piezo microphones, glass, zoom H5 recorder, two channel mixer, speakers, plastic sheet

photos, collages

April in Vaasa is a month of transition, during which the hard winter ends and gives way to spring. To capture this change, I observed with interest the melting of the ice that has defined the landscape in previous months. This observation in turn led to the archiving and manipulation of visual and sound materials. A series of landscape photographs, collages, and a sound installation summarize the research.

During this month I photographed the landscape and recorded the sounds of the ice. The collected material was partly manipulated with the databending technique and partly fused into a sound environment.

These works are part of the Paesaggi series, began in 2020. The projects that compose the series, concern the study and interpretation of the landscape, through a dialectical game between “specific” elements of the environment and multimedia technologies.

Paesaggio (Vaasa) is the result of a one-month artistic residency curated by Platform and the Ottovolante Sulcis association in collaboration, done in Platform’s studio in Vaasa (Finland) in April 2022.

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