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Month: October 2001

Sunrise 5 am

Petra Lindholm | 20.10–11.11.2001

Petra Lindholm ‘s video is located in a flat. Nobody is at home. The images are still and harmonically composed, the foundation being in the study of light and colour usually connected with painting and photography. Petra Lindholm has also composed the soundtrack, which constructs various emotional layers together with the images. The video is accompanied by a series of photographs.

The sun is the great star. Nothing goes on. Days pass by. Someone is singing a song somewhere. One moment it is far in the background, another too close. The sky outside is never the same. The room yearns for sunlight. The pictures of the rooms were never shot. They are in the mind of someone. She thinks of these rooms while beeing away. She stays with that thought during the day. Considering her life and the plants by the window, how they will manage without water for so long. There is simultaneously striving and withdrawal in the image. The classical sign for uncertainty: two steps forward and one back. That is formed in the audiotrack, which knows no hurry, single sounds creep in to rest. The telephone rings. At the first signal it is afternoon, by the last the day has darkened: she has given up and left the day before, and missed the call she waited for.


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