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Month: June 2011

Platform Live 22.6.2011

Kane Do

Kane Do (US/DE) is in Vaasa during June-July to carry out a project, which will be presented in a group exhibition arranged by Platform at Kuntsi in December 2011. This evening he will talk about his practice.

“As his predominant means of artistic expression, the artist Kane Do employs industrially pre-fabricated materials. His works are created often by means of minimalist alterations to everyday objects or to already existing spatial ensembles. In a playful and subversive manner, he re-forms or de-forms the original condition of the objects or surroundings in question, so giving them a new significance. Thus his works oscillate between the aesthetics of the day-to-day world and social criticism with a humorous and ironic undertone…” Keumhwa Kim

Kane Do was born 1974 in Qui-Nhon, Vietnam. He received a BA from Reed Collage in Portland, Oregon, USA in 1996 and an MFA from UdK, Berlin in 2006. In 2000 he carried out independent research at CCA (Center for Contemporary Art) in Kitakyushu, Japan. He has exhibited in Japan, USA, France and Germany. Currently he’s based in Berlin.

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Olof Olsson

“I’m a product of the emerging charter tourism industry of the 1960s: my Dutch mother and Swedish father met in Mallorca. When I was seven I wanted to be a rock star, when I was nine I wanted to be a journalist, when I was ten a radio disc jockey, and when I was a teenager I was confused. I went to university, and studied English, philosophy and translation theory. But that made me no less confused. Then I started to do documentary photography Initially enthusiastic, I soon started to doubt what truth the camera could deliver. Eventually I started to do art. Since 2007 my work has focused on performance. I use performance as a vehicle to ask questions: the eternal Why? (Like, why has there been twice as many heads of state wearing beards in England, than in the US?). I’m specifically interested in the contract between audience and performer, and the way we connect the character of a voice to an idea of a person or a god or a ghost.”

Olsson (DK/SE) will speak about words. Why he likes some and doesn’t like others. And how he as a child was very confused before he realized that a word can mean more than one thing. He might also play the ukulele and sing a song, but promises it won’t be for long.

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Lorenzo Casali & Micol Roubini

Green Gold is a Finnish expression that refers to forestry; to that treasure considered fundamental for the economic system of the country, constituted by lumber of firs, pines and birches. Finland is the most extensively forested country in Europe: forests cover approx. 86% of the land and the larger part of this, belonging to private owners and to the state, is exploited. Following rotation periods of about five years, new forests are planted or sown artificially, in other cases natural regeneration is induced. Very few portions of the original woods are still intact even if, at first sight, the apparent chaotic structure of the plantations and the prosperous vegetation may mislead the observer. More accurate surveys reveal traces of human intervention and manipulation of the natural element on different levels. The project focuses on this intricate relation between the leftovers of untouched nature and the modified environment taking over. The main devices used have been video, sound and photography. A related artist’s book will soon be released in limited edition with the support of SVK-AIR program of Novia Nykarleby.

Lorenzo Casali (born 1980) graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milano, in 2004, followed by studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest and at the Academy of Fine Arts, Lisbon. Micol Roubini (born in 1982) graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, following studies at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio. In 2008 she got a degree in audio technology at Irmus, Institute for Musical Research, Milan. In 2010 Casali and Roubini began working together during their residency at the Guesthouse in Cork, Ireland. They live and work between Rotterdam and Milano.

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