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Month: May 2011

Platform Live 25.5.2011

Audun Eriksen – Adopt a Bird

The next Platform Live will include an artist talk and sound performance by Platform’s current artist-in-residence Audun Eriksen, as well as a presentation of a new project developed in Vaasa, Adopt a Bird. Live electronic music will be performed by Arvid van der Rijt, Rasmus Hedlund and Tuomo Väänänen.

The aim of Adopt a Bird is to establish a connection between people and nature through the use of computers, a medium generally considered a barrier between us and nature. It is also a commentary on “owning/having” since it addresses our responsibility to preserve nature for future generations. “Adopting” implies that we have some responsibility for the bird and the environment, and things that are not part of our immediate surroundings.

Adopt a Bird will assign a bird from an already existing database of ringed birds to individual people signing up as adoptive parents. The birds in the project are all ringed with “read rings”, identification codes which can be read using binoculars. This gives a much higher chance of spotting the birds and getting data on each individual. With server access to databases, and the kind cooperation of some devoted scientists, the artist is able to give the “adoptive parents” feedback if “their” bird is seen somewhere and what shape it is in. The species currently in the project are the Lesser Black-backed Gull and the Bean Goose. Other species may become available as the project progresses. To adopt a bird from the project or to read more, visit:

Norwegian Audun Eriksen has a Master’s degree in marine biology from the University of Trondheim. He has worked as a freelance musician and artist since 1993. He works with acoustic, electronic and digital musical instruments built from recycled materials or open source software. He makes experimental musical/theatrical performances and installations using these instruments and various open source technology, often with nature sounds and field recordings.

More info:

Address: Kauppapuistikko 12, Vaasa

Free entrance. Welcome!


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