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Month: May 2010

Platform Live Saturday 22.5.2010

Kuntsi Museum for Modern Art


Platform live presents artist talks by Platform artist in residence Amal Laala (Morocco) and Stundars artist in residence Sophie Dvořák (Austria), and Amal Laala’s performance “The next man who walks through that door I will marry”.

Amal Laala is a socially engaged, site-specific artist, whose work is often temporary and fleeting, revolving around current social issues, experimentation and play. “My current work in progress is “Father, Father, Father”, where I am investigating how stories can be told and interpreted, ranging from spiritual, political to personal. During my residency at Platform I will continue developing these central themes of storytelling, family and interpretation. Investigating my Finnish grandparents and their past, I am to research elements of their lives using the little information I have.”

Sophie Dvořák’s practice revolves around questioning media imagery, such as press photography and visual representations of information or knowledge, used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly. She mainly uses drawing as a medium, working in a serial, sometimes even archival way. Often recurring elements include visual devices such as charts, diagrams, maps and lists, and elements like lines, boxes, arrows. Her reduced drawings and graphics, sometimes accompanied by text fragments, construct a new “reality-layer”. She interrupts the function and flood of information in order to deal with different ways of seeing events or things, perspectives and projections, with assumed knowledge (or lack of it) in the viewer, sending him on a search for the information that the image pretends to transmit.

Musical entertainment.

Welcome! Free entrance!

Saturday 22nd is also a Museum Night at Kuntsi, so the bar (and terrace, weather permitting) is open until midnight. See for more info about the Museum Night.



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