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Month: May 2007

“é tudo sobre o passado/it is all about the past” 6.5.-10.6.2007

Camila Rocha


A lot has happened to me in Vaasa, a lot about the past.
I discovered that one part of my family in Brazil originally comes from Venice, at the very moment Hüseyin is sending four traditional wooden barns to Venice and I am getting one, the oldest one from the Laihia region, for my exhibition at the Platform Gallery in Vaasa.

Making a home abroad from an old barn, which once sheltered the animals and perhaps the wheat. Kirsi, barn mama, has shown me the old “Money Tree” in the region, which was once on Finnish Mark coins.

I look at the old photographs of my grandparent’s parents from Venice as the anonymous people in the postcards found in an antique shop.

Here I am in the loft of the abandoned soap-factory, listening to Caetano Veloso’s exile song “London, London” and the ice is melting down.

Camila Rocha is a Brasilian artist, based in Istanbul.


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