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Month: July 2012

Open Air Movies

Open Air Movies
outside Platform’s studio at Kasern 14, Korsholmsesplanaden 6–8, Vasa
Saturday 28.8.2012 at 21.30

Come and enjoy some good indie movies! Bring something to sit on, and some mosquito repellent too.
In case of bad weather, the event is indoors. Welcome!


Gyz La Rivière: 12
a film about the Fret Click

Juvenile malice! Inventiveness on the skateboard! Preambles of many trends in current skate culture! These are the qualifications that founded the reputation of a tight group of twelve friends that called themselves the Fret Click – a name which origins are still covered in fog… or smoke?!

In a fast, humorous and also moving way, debuting director Gyz La Rivière documented the ‘Frets’ in their prime and current activities. Although persistent in staying young, adult life gets a hold on almost all of them… but heck… growing up is not a crime.

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Oscar Hagen: Dysterbotten

A very personal portrait of Österbotten, through the eyes of Oscar Hagen.

‘Dysterbotten is a fictional work based on my own experiences and stories which I’ve heard, from smaller communities in Österbotten in Finland, also know as the ‘Bible belt’.

With Dysterbotten, I’d like to put some aspects of small town life into spotlight, which otherwise would remain in the shadows. Not the extreme cases, but those who manage to live undisturbed. They are people who most often are misunderstood because others do not have a clue what their life is about. Media often gets it totally wrong, because of journalists who don’t have any idea about the subject they are writing about. I want to show a neutral and accurate picture of how I see the situation is among those who are branded as criminals in a small community. They often live in their own world, and try to stay outside the society as much as possible. I’m not trying to show their way of living as cool and exciting, but I’m not moralizing their choices either. I want to show events and situations that are born out of the passive and sometimes absurd life which they are forced to live.’ Oscar Hagen


Lorenzo Casali & Micol Roubini: Green Gold

A movie shot in Österbotten, while the artists were in residency in Nykarleby.

Green Gold is a Finnish expression that refers to forestry; to that treasure considered fundamental for the economic system of the country, constituted by lumber of firs, pines and birches. Finland is the most extensively forested country in Europe: forests cover approx. 86% of the land and the larger part of this, belonging to private owners and to the state, is exploited. Following rotation periods of about five years, new forests are planted or sown artificially, in other cases natural regeneration is induced. Very few portions of the original woods are still intact even if, at first sight, the apparent chaotic structure of the plantations and the prosperous vegetation may mislead the observer. More accurate surveys reveal traces of human intervention and manipulation of the natural element on different levels. The project focuses on this intricate relation between the leftovers of untouched nature and the modified environment taking over. The main devices used have been video, sound and photography.

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