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Month: September 2015

1+1 talk with Britt Kootstra and Mary Cremin

Platform-Vaasa has a pleasure to invite you to the next 1+1 TALK with Mary Cremin and Britt Kootstra, initiated by Sencer Vardarman, a residency artist of Platform.

The talk will take the format of a conversation between the artist and the curator as a means to explore each of their practices through the use of visuals and exploring the parallels and convergences of their areas of research. They will discuss works in progress teasing out the process of making in terms of exhibition making and the production of artworks. The talk will be informal and will encourage more of an open dialogue with the audience.

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Vaasa 20X0

The VAASA 20X0 project culminated on September 3rd 2015 with a public walk visiting eight art works specifically produced for Vaasa. The artworks along the way were presented to the public by the artists. The walk started with the first art work in the public library and the second stop was at the market square statue of freedom and the by the neighbouring Tourist info. From there the walk continued to a seaside spot in front of the Vaasa prison and the last stops were in the park next to the Kuntsi museum and at the silos in the Inner harbour. The walk ended with a film screening and discussion at the Platform studio.


The works have been conceived by artists visiting the Platform residency program during 2014 and 2015 under the working title VAASA 20X0, with the aim to create possible scenarios, visions of and for a Vaasa in the future. The chosen artists took part in a workshop together with artists involved in Platform and other local actors. In the workshop the artists’ practices and interests were discussed, as well as local issues and circumstances for projects. At a later stage the artists returned to Vaasa to have an individual residency and work on their projects that finally were presented on the walk on the 3rd of September.

For information on each project see below.

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