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Month: February 2002

Nigerian Girls

Josep Maria Martin | 23.2–22.3.2002

By Josep Maria Martin + Linnea Ekstrand, Lotta Eriksson, Eva Hertzberg, Marko Hynynen, Sanna Jokiaho, Timo Konttinen, Jessica Lindholm, Anna-Kaisa Lukka, Tiina Pitkäjärvi, Jimmy Pulli, Niina Rintala, Markku Ruotsalainen, Henna Sjöberg, Johanna Torkkola & Tuuli Tuikka

Platform was transformed to a livingroom – the wallpaper consisted of cartoons showing information for prostitutes how to avoid getting diseases. The opening was a roleplay, a prostitute form Nigeria is leaving, going back home, and a going away party was arranged for her. In the other room a video was shown of french students doing role plays of being prostitutes.

I´m from Nigeria.

I´m 20 years old. I´ve been a prostitute since I was 17. Many bad things have happened to me, but I´m still alive. I´m not stupid. I have dreams.

I believe in life, I think about the future and smile. Every day is a gift to me. I believe. Everything is going to be ok.

I´m a strong woman. Someday my dreams will come true.


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