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ODD ONE OUT – Open Call Residencies 2024


It is with great pleasure that we announce the Open Call for ODD ONE OUT Art Residencies, hosted by Platform in 2024.

 We understand that as artists, there is often that one dream project—your creative magnum opus—that has remained elusive, trapped within the confines of the artistic career. 

The ODD ONE OUT Art Residency, scheduled for 2024, has been crafted to bring this long-awaited dream project to life. It is an invitation to break free from convention and embrace the unconventional, allowing your artistic vision to flourish and transcend previously uncharted territories.

This is the opportunity where you don’t have to shape your practice based on the request of a gallery, funding, or theme. This is the moment to express your true artistic vision. Let the ODD ONE OUT!

We can’t wait to help you make it come alive!

Platform is an art organization based in Vasa, a relatively peripheral Finnish town. We run an art space and a residency to offer live experiences of different perspectives in a location where this would otherwise be limited. 

We usually work with an annual theme that we also encourage our guest artists to examine. For 2023 residencies we asked the artist to reflect on the artist’s role, the practice of the artist and the relevance of art work/art works. So far the question has led to a lot of interesting discussions and we can confirm our suspicion: art and working with art is still relevant in today’s society. 

We have now established the significance of art; however, for the upcoming 2024 residency, our intention is to delve deeper. Through the implementation of the Odd one Out residency, we want to provide artists with the opportunity to explore and discover the aspects that hold relevance to their individual artistry, thereby fostering a sense of relevance within the surrounding environment. By participating in the Odd one Out residency, we offer dedicated time for artists to realize their visionary projects, which hold relevance either to their personal artistic journey or to the progression of their artistic pursuits. 

Jenni: “ I believe this is a great opportunity for the artist to express themselves. As artists we are in some range shaped by the influence of galleries, fundings or even surrounding communities. This is your opportunity to let out your artistic madness and I can’t wait to see it!”

Johan: “The best thing with hosting a residency is that I get to walk around with the artists and hear their thoughts. Often these thoughts and ideas are put together like a big clay blob. I think it is the result of a great ability to see patterns and the gig situation that many artists end up living in.

I don’t want Platform’s residency to be another lump that artists need to smack on the blob. I’d rather want them to use the time to sculpt, cut and squeeze in peace.”

We offer

 Accommodation, travel expenses (one return trip, cheapest possible) and a working grant (based on per diem, approx. 300 € per week). We also offer a small production budget of 1000 €, which the artist may reimburse by presenting original receipts of purchases, specifically connected to the project produced during the residency. The apartment is located near the city center in Vaasa. There is a bike, a set of tools and equipment available for the artist. There is wireless broadband access in the apartment. Platform does not at the moment house a studio, however a project space in the city center is available. The planned projects have to take this into account, space can be rented or borrowed if needed for the realization of the project and has to be negotiated in advance. The artist is given a contact person who is in charge of necessary arrangements, if any additional assistance is needed it has to be agreed upon well in advance.

We ask the artist to realize a project, which can be presented either during the residency or at a later stage. The artist is expected to give a public talk, performance or workshop about his/her/their work or an introduction to themselves at the beginning of the residency. We expect the artist to be able to communicate in English, Swedish or Finnish. We require the artist to spend at least 80% of the residency’s duration in Vaasa and the working grant is proportional to days spent in Vaasa. The artists are required to submit documentation of the produced project to Platform, as well as press release / information text / informal report or equivalent.

Application procedure

Please follow these instructions closely. Applications not following these requirements will not be considered. We require the artist to send a digital application to with the subject ‘Residency Application 2024’ by the 30th of June 2023. The application should be one PDF document with your full name as the title of the document. Don’t paste any relevant information in the email that is not part of the PDF.

Please include the following in the PDF:

-An informal project plan OR motivation letter, max 1 page. The aim of the letter should be describing the kind of project you imagine doing in Vaasa, your motivation to apply for this residency and your expectations. The project plan should also include your preferred period of time, and state if the time period is relevant for the project as well as clearly state what time/ times that aren’t suitable.

We are looking for artists that can stay up to 3 months, but 1-2 months requests will also be considered. 

-Descriptions and images of 5 projects or art works. For videos, please add direct links to websites in the PDF.

-A CV of max two pages, including: name, date and place of birth, current location as well as email and phone number.

The application shall occupy no more than 12 pages and 5 mb. The board of Platform will make the selection. All artists will receive a notification by the end of September 2023. The board is under no obligation to justify the selection. If you have questions about the residency please ask them well before the deadline.


Platform Team

Jenni, Johan, Geir, Sara, Zarah, Niklas and Alexandra

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Banner Workshop

Welcome to a workshop where we create banners and artworks that we can bring to this summers Pride parades!

The workshop takes place in Platform, Kyrkoesplanaden 20D, Vasa.

Drop-in between 18.00-21.00.

Everyone is welcome and the workshop is FREE!

This is a collaboration with @vaasanseta 💛


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VVUNDER- A Two-For-One Artist Talk + Performance

Kyrkoesplanaden 20 D

Buxbom & Palmer

VVUNDER – A Two-for-One Artist Talk + performance

In this presentation, we will take a closer look at the artistic work of Bella da Silva Buxbom and Martin Palmer, both individually and in collaboration.

The artists will show examples and discuss some of the basic ideas and frameworks for their work, which include theories about the open work (opera aperta), chance and interdisciplinary collaborations, working with one foot in the underground and the other in art institutions, translatability, truthfulness, sound art and intuition. The presentation will contain performative elements and end with an improvised sound work.

Martin Palmer and Bella da Silva Buxbom lives and works in Trondheim, Norway. They are educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim. Buxbom & Palmer have been working together since 2017.

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Cultural Soup + Artist-Talk by Gael Kusa Kusa

Welcome to enjoy a warm bowl of soup and meet the new Artist-in-residence Gael Kusa Kusa. 🍲
18.30 Soup is served
19.00 Artist-Talk
” After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa, GAEL MASKI graduated from higher education in painting in 2013. He draws the language of his artistic universe from his personal history. Being a survivor of the war that struck the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1997, where he lost his father, a soldier who died at the front. He arrived in the capital of the country where he tried to find his bearings, how to grow in a post-war society. He became interested in art very early on as a way for him to reconnect his story with that of his society and thus rebuild a peaceful universe.
His work begins in society, the projects he carries out are projects carried out with communities, neighborhoods and families. It all starts with contact with people.
Maski has especially worked a lot with “the most deprived” who live in slums or in difficult conditions but who manage to survive in precarious realities thanks to their mental strength. Thus stories and personal memory feed the meaning of his work. In his work he questions the hierarchy of social memory.
With his camera as a means of collecting data in a fragmented way and through collage he creates both realistic and surreal worlds that eventually appear as a dream universe that serves as a moral remedy for any viewer who needs to fill an inner void and make a fresh start. Thus the word “poor” or “refugee” is used in his work as a metaphor that designates anyone in search of inner well-being.”
This event, including the soup, is free!
Bring a friend and see you on Wednesday 29 March, 18.30!
Kyrkoesplanaden 20 D
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Papermaking Workshop with Jenni Österlund


Papermaking workshop
This is a workshop for you who want to learn the basics of papermaking and experiment with paper pulp as a medium.
We will use recycled paper and try out different techniques of creation.
The workshop also offers short introductions to watermark, pouring and multicolour techniques.
Teacher: Jenni Österlund @pappersmagikern
The workshop will be held in Swedish (and English if required.)
No prior knowledge is required and you do not need to bring anything to participate.
The workshop is free and open to all, but you should sign up to attend.
The workshop has room for 8 participants.
Sign up now by sending your name and phone number to
Saturday 11 March
Kyrkoesplanaden 20 D
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14 Confessions of an Artist – Exhibition by Elena Rabkina

Welcome to the Exhibition “14 confessions of an artist”
This is the final result of artist Elena Rabkina’s stay at Platform residence Jan- Feb 2023.
The artist will be present to talk about the project and present the work.
From 18.00 The artist will hold a round table for those who want to meet up and discuss confessions together.
The main event starts at 19.00
Snacks and drinks are provided 🍷🍇
This event is free and open to everyone.
Bring a friend and join us on Saturday 25th
Kyrkoesplanaden 20 D
See you there!
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The basics of Dj:ing WORKSHOP

The Basics of Dj:ing WORKSHOP
Teacher: Michele Uccheddu
Saturday 18th of February
13.00 – 16.00
Kyrkoesplanaden 20 D
The workshop is free, but you need to sign up!
Sign Up Here –
Send us your Name and Phone number
The Basic DJ Workshop is designed for anyone who wants to explore the exciting world of DJing. Participants will have the opportunity to try their hand at different mixing techniques, familiarize themselves with the technology, and receive a brief overview of the history of music DJing.
The focus is not only on learning, but also on having fun and making new connections. You will experiment with music alongside others and discover new tunes along the way.
By the end of the workshop, you will:
• Gain a deeper understanding of the history and art of DJing
• Practice various mixing techniques with hands-on experience
• Enjoy making music with others while socializing and discovering new tunes
• Enhance your listening skills
• Make new connections with other music enthusiasts.
The disc jockey is usually an entertainment professional whose task is to select, very often in a discotheque or club, depending on the tastes of the public, the occasion, but also on his personal style, pieces of music of various kinds, through an amplification system, which the environment itself is equipped with, and to which the console (or disc-console) is connected…Want more?
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Show me yours, I’ll show you mine – Artist meet-up 5 Feb 19.00


Elena Rabkina, Artist-in-residence at Platform is
calling all artists to join for a meet-up at @Platform_rf . To show and discuss your art and creations, enjoy others’ creations and connect with like-minded people.

Whether you have a piece to display on a projector or want to perform music, this is a safe space to share and be inspired. Bring your artwork and join us for a relaxed evening filled with good food, drinks, and great company. RSVP by sending a DM and let us know you’re coming so we can make sure there’s enough space for everyone. See you on Sunday, February 5th at 19:00 at Platform (Kyrkoesplanaden 20 D).

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14 Confessions to the City

Exhibition ” 14 confessions to the city”

By Elena Rabkina


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14 confessions to the city EXHIBITION +
14 confessions by the artist KICK-OFF
by Elena Rabkina, Artist-in-residency at Platform
20 January at 19.00
Kyrkoesplanaden 20 D Vasa
Platform will provide drinks and snacks
This event serves as an exhibition of the project 14 confessions to the city and is simultaneously the Kick-off of the project 14 confessions of the artist.
The first segment of the project was executed in Vienna in the form of an open diary. The second segment aims to explore the artistic journey in Ostrobothnia. As well as share the power of confession that lies in its ability to lay bare the most vulnerable parts of ourselves, creating a space for understanding, empathy, and connection with others.
“Elena Rabkina is a Belarusian artist that works with documentary photography and interactive art, as well as creates game. Her works often have social commentary and touch upon the topics of community, social justice, migration and ecology. As an artist Elena strongly believes in the power of connection and cocreation. “I have personally experienced the transformative power of community, and believe that through working together and sharing our unique perspectives and experiences, we can create something truly meaningful and impactful”.
During the Platform Art Residence Elena will work with the topic of confessions and will research the life of artistic communities and individuals in Ostrobothnia, as well as presenting the open diary with personal observations and a photo series about artistic life in Finland.”
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