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Month: June 2010

SHuSH 3, Saturday 3.6.2010


Here comes the third installment of SHuSH by Amal Laala, artist-in-residence during May and June 2010

The first two were crazy death-pop in Melbourne’s abandoned spaces. After being kicked out by a torch-wielding psycho, who claimed to be the owner but ended up being arrested and being shut down by police, we have decided to move north, way north to Vaasa, Finland!

So the Finnish sun has finally come out to play and so have we!


Hei // ambient drone with baritone guitar & electronics

Mattias Häggqvist // psychedelic blues


Rasmus Hedlund // electronic dub

Tuomo Väänänen // minimal dub-techno

Ufo-Matti // experimental music

Captain Hank // dj&vj set


Jonathan Lindholm, Concrete Flowers, live installation

Street-art jam in livingroom-carpark on random objects

Live feed from projects happening in Australia/Morocco

Visuals and animations from Australia

Paintings from Mikael Linder

Sima, Bin Buffet and a Carpark living room.

What more could you ask for?


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