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Residency Program



Platform Residency Program 2019 / 2020

(April 2019 – April 2020)

Application Deadline December 15, 2018

2019 / 2020 Theme – The Prophecy


1 : an inspired utterance of a prophet

2 : the function or vocation of a prophet specifically : the inspired declaration of divine will and purpose

3 : a prediction of something to come

The world is going to hell… conservatism, environmental catastrophes, school shootings, refugees, plastic, guns, borders… wasn’t it Billy Joel who sang, “We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the world’s been turning?”

Here in Vaasa, Finland, we are not afraid of another ice age, we have plenty of water, one could shoot a moose for meat and eat berries and mushrooms in the warm months. We could survive the apocalypse quite well. The aliens would probably go to New York or London anyways.

As artists, we ask you to think about what the future looks like and how will you survive it? How are you helping to sustain it? Is it utopian or planet of the apes on acid? Is your artwork about repairing the damage that has been done, the land and people trauma, the material memories, or are you working on sustainable architecture, envisioning harmony? Platform is calling for artists who look at the past and see the future and artists who are running full steam ahead.

We are looking for longer term projects with a minimum of one month and preferably three months in duration.

We offer accommodation, travel expenses (one return trip, cheapest possible) and a working grant (approx. 300 € per week). We also offer a small production budget of 1000 €, which the artist may reimburse by presenting original receipts of purchases, specifically connected to the project produced during the residency. The apartment is located near the city center in Vaasa. There is a bike, a set of tools and equipment available for the artist. There is wireless broadband access in the apartment. Platform does not at the moment house a studio, however a project space in the city center may be available. The planned projects have to take this into account, space can be rented or borrowed if needed for the realization of the project and has to be negotiated in advance. The artist is given a contact person who is in charge of necessary arrangements, but note that this is voluntary work so if any additional assistance is needed it has to be agreed upon well in advance.

We ask the artist to realize a project, which can be presented either during the residency or at a later stage. The artist is expected to give a public talk about his/her work at the beginning of the residency. We expect the artist to be able to communicate in English, Swedish or Finnish. We require the artist to spend at least 80% of the residency’s duration in Vaasa and the working grant is proportional to days spent in Vaasa. The artists are required to submit documentation of the produced project to Platform, as well as press release / information text / informal report or equivalent.

Application procedure

Please follow these instructions closely. Applications not following these requirements will not be considered. We require the artist to send a digital application to with the subject ‘Residency Application 2019/20’ by the 15th of December. The application should be one PDF document with your full name as title of the document. Don’t paste any relevant information in the email that is not part of the PDF. Please include the following in the PDF:

  1. An informal project plan or motivation letter, max one page. The aim of the letter should be describing the kind of project you imagine doing in Vaasa and your motivation to apply for this residency and how you see that your artistic work connects to the theme of the Prophecy. The project plan should also include your preferred period of time, and state if the time period is relevant for the project as well as clearly state what time/ times that aren’t suitable.
  1. Descriptions and images of 5 projects or art works. For videos, please add direct links to websites in the PDF.
  1. A CV of max one page, including: name, date and place of birth, current postal address as well as email and phone number.

The application shall occupy no more than 12 pages and 5 mb. All submitted material should be Macintosh compatible. The board of Platform will make the selection. Only chosen artists will receive a notification about the selection at the end January 2019. The board is under no obligation to justify the selection. If you have questions about the residency please ask them well before the deadline, since Platform is a voluntary community response times may vary.