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Residency Program



February-March: Shaya Khalil (SE/SU)

Shaya Khalil is swedish sudanese performer and drag king working around topics such a heritage, rituals, shame and gender. She has an multidisciplinary approach and is used to have some sort of participation or interaction while performing her own and others pieces. As her drag king Joe Lion she explores the drag king practice by placing her king in situations other than just on stage, this to create a more performative approach to drag and to create situations and experiences that she either wish existed or are afraid actually exist.


April-June: Ato Hasford (GH)

Ghanaian artist Ato Hasford is an intuitive and experimental performance artist, singer and expressive body and movement artist. Throughout the years, he’s created his original work with a critical look at ‘the self’ which is an important element to his narratives that naturally capture the story of the effeminate through the subjects of culture, social constructs, spirituality and sexuality in the African context.



June-August: Toni Brell (DE) 

German artist Toni Brell is a visual artist working with scenography, performance and narrative as tools for relation-making. Hosting rather than presenting, Brell likes to create situations, in which an audience can react and relate to what they see. For this, Brell often uses landscapes as a stage or container where this exploration unfolds.


Oktober-December:HSU YI TING (TW)

Taiwanese Hsu Yi-Ting is an interdisciplinary artist who mainly works through performance and painting. She explores the intricate relationship between space and body through the lens of ecofeminist geography. Viewing space as a metaphor, she aims to reveal the dynamic interplay between the center and the periphery, focusing on the research about interactions between minority individuals and the broader collective, liminal spaces and the overview effect.



New OPEN CALL for residencies opening aprox. June 2024. Stay Tuned!