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Month: June 2007

Soundscape & RGB-hypnosis 15.6.2007

Lasse Marc-Riek, Britt Kootstra & Arvid van der Rijt


Soundscape from Signal-Recordings of Bats by Lasse-Marc Riek (D)

Field recordings:
Since May 2003 location shouts and social sounds of bats were collected by means of stereo-microphones and ultrasound-detectors. Social sounds such as the communication between a mother bat and her child can be heard by the human ear. Location shouts, used for orientation and hunting, are in the range of ultrasounds and can’t be registered by people. The sounds of the bats were recorded during excursions in cooperation with bat researchers of the “Naturschutzbund Kreis Segeberg” of the following species: Pipistrellus, Nyctalus, Eptesicus, Myotis.

The machine transforms the inaudible ultrasounds (sounds higher than 22khz) in audible sounds. In real time recordings you hear clicking sounds and by means of slow or fast motion these sounds are transformed in wet or dry chirping or twittering sounds. The recorded material was analog and digitally edited, arranged and converted into a composition.

Sounds, recorded by chance, a minute in a busy shopping area, the high whistling of a stone-saw, the to and fro of buses, the scraps of conversation of people passing by, the sounds of ringing mobile phones, doors and traffic lights, the barking of dogs and the singing of birds turn into a score. The sounds of the streets were replaced with the transformed bat material, according to rhythm and pitch.


RGB-Hypnosis by Britt Kootstra (NL) & Arvid van der Rijt (NL)

Daily routines are the object of my tableaux vivants. Within the familiar frame of a well-known routine the body moves, whilst the mind has the freedom to wander off and travel around the world. The movements are carried out on automatic pilot. Both the performer and the movements are caught in loops. The acts become strange as if repeating a very familiar word over and over again, until it starts to sound alien, as if taken from another language.


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Don’t complain – at the 52nd Venice Biennial

Hüseyin Alptekin

Hüseyin Alptekin (Turkey) and Camila Rocha (Brazil) were artists in the Platform residency during spring 2007, when Alptekin was planning the work for his participation representing Turkey at the Venice biennial. Since Alptekin’s work deals with issues of displacement, records unimportant facts and acts, and through this brings attention to things that are not generally known, Cheap Finnish Labour offered to help in realizing the work.

The actual physical work contained deconstructing five log-barns in Finland. The Barn Research group found five unused barns in Laihia, Osthrobotnia. One of the barns was reconstructed in the Platform gallery for Camila Rocha’s exhibition ‘Its all about the past’. The rest of the barns, along with paint, constructing material and traditional Finnish furniture, chairs and tables, were shipped to Venice. There the barns were rebuilt in a slightly different shape so that five different spaces were formed. In the text “The title of Hüseyin Alptekin’s installation for Turkey’s participation in the Biennial is ‘Don’t complain’. Vasif Kortun, the curator of the work, writes “..Alptekin’s large-scale installation of five wood cabins is the result of a revisitation of a mental setting the artist experienced in Tblisi, Georgia. This comes out of a particular type of public dining where restaurants are strictly divided into separate cabins clustered around an open courtyard.”

The group – at the most Cheap Finnish Labour consisted of 12 persons working at the exhibitions site – were all wearing CFL t-shirts.


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