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Month: January 2011

Platform Live 21.1.2011

Thursday 21.1.2011 starting at 19.00 – at Kuntsi

Pernilla Ljungqvist

Pernilla Ljungkvist is a Swedish artist based in Gothenberg.

Sometimes she’s living someone else’s life, acts like them, think their thoughts and takes over their identity.
Sometimes she writes letters to them, plants herself in their subconsciousness and controls even their tiniest movements.
Sometimes she only watch them from a distance.
Sometimes she takes part at religious meetings and takes over the place of the leader, sometimes she watches reality TV and wishes that she never again would have to meet any living person.
She likes animals, and wonders sometime, if life without them is worth living.
She’s made performances in Europe, China, USA and Japan, and will finish her MA studies at Konsthögskolan Valand this year.

More info: Pernilla Ljungkvist

Free entrance. Welcome!


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