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Month: January 2012

Platform Live 28.1.2012

Girilal Baars Artist Talk
+ Guided Tour to the “To Have/To Own” Exhibition
Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, 19.00–22.00

Platform’s current artist-in-residence Girilal Baars will present his work.
He will also perform “Two Timing”, a piece inspired by and based on James Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake”. “Two Timing” is a piece for voice and electronics and during this performance Girilal will be accompanied by Panu Sivonen on oboe and Arvid van der Rijt on electronics.

After the performance there’s a guided tour to the “To Have/To Own” exhibition by curator Ulrika Ferm.
Also some DJing in the Cafe Simo.


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Girilal Baars is a composer and singer and musician primarily working with experimental contemporary music and very old vocal folk music ( Born in Russia, of Dutch and Indian parents, he has lived in Uppsala, Sweden for many, many years. Possibly as a result of being multilingual (English, Russian and Swedish) he is very interested in languages and particularly in how languages relate to each other.

During his residency with Platform in Vaasa, he is hoping to create a sound-installation based around the points of contact between Finnish and Finnish-Swedish. Anyone who has anecdotes, ideas, friends, words, relatives or sounds that relate to both of these spoken languages — addressing the similarities, rather than the differences — is very much encouraged to contact him through email ( or by phone (+358-41-5604077).

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