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Month: January 2010

Last landscape of pleasure 21 January 2010

Jaša | Artist in residence December 2009–January 2010

On January 21st Platform was pleased to present a new project by Jaša (Slovenia). It was developed during the residency period and took place in the Platform Studio, Vasa.

Art historian Jernej Kožar wrote about the artist: »Jaša found a way how to reinterpret the question of ecology, consumership and the area of intimacy. Profilation of materials is a statement of it’s own-materially and esthetically. Jaša’s narrative work, which is never told in one way, sometimes shock us with their flashy colors and inferior materials, but in this dynamics never become self-sufficient and function incredibly unified and in tune with the contemporary way of life. Jaša managed to complete installation with performance and create a wholesome art work which is efficiently described in a book Radical Chick. The creative overview of this millennium’s first decade is captured in Radical Chick which was published in 2009 and represents a turning point in presenting Slovene art. The book is a catalogue/résumé of Jaša’s nine years of creating, but it surpasses a set form of an art catalogue and invades the area of books about artists.«


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