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Month: June 2001


Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani | 1.6–22.6.2001

“Imagine this room is your studio. There is a mega exhibition coming up, and you are invited! The curator wants you to create a new work. Something great, extraordinary, extreme. There is a lot depending on this show and it’s not much time left. He’ll step by and you have to present your idea. Play/explain it in front of him, without giving him a paper, cause he doesn’t like that.
Today is the day: You meet your friends, you’ll find something.”

A casting for a feature-length film about young artists. A new generation. A small group of artists on their way to success. All about strategies, all about money, all about friends, lovers, partners. All about gallerists, curators. All about art-fairs and world-around-tickets. All about how to get a prepaid vacation and earning money by travelling. All about ideas, and where to get them. Where and how. All about luck, circumstances, context and environments.”

For their exhibition-project at Platform, Vaasa, Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani were looking for the co-operation of some artists/art-students and actors /-students. They gathered a fictive, international artist-group and brought them together in a casting-like situation where the participants developed ideas for new artworks in couples or in small teams. The process was documented on video and shown at Platform.


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