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Month: April 2010

Trajector Art Fair 23-25 April 2010

Hotel Bloom 23-25.4.2010 in Brussels

CFL was going to offer couples in love a hotel night for free in exchange for the story of how they met. In the hotel room during the fair there would’ve only been a video – shown in the hotel tv – of one person at a time telling a story of how he or she met her beloved. An intimate

However, this happened during a time that in European history will be known as the week in 2010 when the air space was completely empty due to a certain ash cloud that erupted from the Icelandic vulcano with the – at least for French people – unpronounceable name.




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Platform Live Wednesday 21.4.2010

Kuntsi Modern Museum of Art in Vaasa


Image – Irma Optimisti at mope08. (Photo Joakim Hansson)


Platform, in collaboration with Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, starts a new series of live art happenings called Platform Live. On the program for this first edition are performances by Tari Ito (Japan) and Irma Optimisti (Finland).

Tokyo-based Tari Ito is one of the most important female performance artists in Japan and East Asia. Her performances deal with feminism and female sexuality, seen through the historical ways of representing womanhood. Ito has performed all over the world, and she has also organised an international network of female performance artists.

Like Ito, Vaasa-born Irma Optimisti is a leading female performance artist, especially in Europe. This time, her performance will have a sculptural dimension. The process will be presented as it is.

Free entrance. Welcome!

Wednesday April 21st at 7pm – Performance artists Tari Ito (Japan) and Irma Optimisti (FI)



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