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Month: August 2007

Get over it 11.8.2007

Emma Houlihan & Sally Timmons

Emma Houlihan and Sally Timmons were invited to realise a project during Night of the Arts in Vaasa. The two artists teamed up for one week in order to devise a project within the context of Platform’s international residency programme and, in particular, the notion of what it means to participate in a night of culture.

When the city’s cultural institutions opened their doors, Platform’s access was concealed by a wall. As planned, during Night of the Arts, the screening of Platform’s activities in Venice 2007 were screened in the gallery but the wall had to be climbed over to access the gallery.

Emma Houlihan (IE) has participated in exhibitions and art events internationally and also works as a curator/art organizer. Sally Timmons (IE) is an artist and curator based in Dublin. At the time, Houlihan had been artist in residence at Platform since June and Timmons had recently started hers.

Joakim Hansson, Rasmus Hedlund and Maria Lundström presented a short film based on video and stop motion/ time lapse done during a period of two weeks. The video depicts a specific action – the work of CFL at the Venice Biennale 2007 – and the enviroment it took place in. CFL did the building of the Turkish pavillion at the Arsenale, the installation “Don’t Complain” by Hüseyin Alptekin. The material used for the installation was once four barns in the Ostrobothnian countryside.

Joakim Hansson (SWE/FIN), Rasmus Hedlund (FIN) and Maria Lundström (FIN) are studying at the Arts department at the Swedish Polytechnic in Nykarleby.


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