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Month: December 2005

Andreas Hagenbach

The guest artist in Tammisaari at the time presented his work.

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A Simple Proposition

The dance company 7273, Frederic Lombard & Jennifer Bonn


The dance company 7273, together with artists Frederic Lombard and Jennifer Bonn gave an artist talk during their stay in the Vaasa area to film a video-dance project based on one of the company’s recent pieces: A Simple Proposition.

The company 7273 is made up of Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon, two French choreographers based in Switzerland, best known for their piece La Vision du Lapin.

Frederic Lombard is a young film director who has worked with choreographers such as Estelle Heritier and Serge Ricci. Jennifer Bonn is a young sound designer who works with sound installations as well as film soundtracks.



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Trialogi 11.12.–23.12.2005

Heini Aho, Tanja Koistila, Jaana Kokko and Matti Vainio

Trialogi is an exhibition performed in three exhibition spaces. Apart from Platform, is has been showed at Muu in Helsinki and Titanik in Turku. The shape of the exhibition has changed from place to place.

The concept of the exhibition is based on the thought of sharing art and the making of art using different methods. In the earlier exhibitions the works have been based on collective sharing, for instance through having the same sketch book being used by all the members, or through a self-portrait series of 16 pictures, where 12 of them are copies of the originals.

In the exhibition at Platform, the gallery was used as the artists’ common studio. The work process relied on, and could be taken part in, by both the artists and the audience. The artists worked together 4 + 4 days, and the opening was held in the middle of this process.

Ready and half-made works – paintings, collages, sculptures and videos – and the limits of the working process were mixed.



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