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Month: December 2010

Night view from the Soap Factory

Lewis & Taggart | Artist in residence November 2010


and other works for Vaasa

Andrew Taggart
and Chloe Lewis are Canadian artists based in Bergen, Norway. Their joint practice, established in 2006, investigates how sculpture can function as a vehicle for ritual and transformation, and how modest and readily available materials can serve to monumentalize the poetics of existential pursuits. Often paying tribute to particular people and places within which poignant and poetic occurrences are mobilized, their work embraces a cross‐contamination of objects with drawing, photography, video and sound, whose narrative threads intertwine and conflate. With the beginning of each new project, they establish a constellation of divergent starting points – often found within literature, myth, everyday anecdotes and historical archives – from which they create new systems of storytelling.

Recent works include a roving museum in Calgary, Canada, conceived to celebrate the unusual history of a local river, and a public “ribbon-cutting office” installed within the central shopping district of  Sandnes, Norway. Within the forthcoming year, they will present projects at Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, Norway; The Odd Gallery, Dawson City, Canada; and The Factory for Art & Design, Copenhagen. Lewis & Taggart also operate The Museum of Longing and Failure – a small museum dedicated to the exhibition and collection of sculptural artifacts that embody poetic notions of longing and failure. In 2010, they completed a collaborative MA at Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen, Norway.


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