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Platform Live with Dråsa and Patrik Qvist

The evening begins 18:00 with a performance by Patrik Qvist next to the Havtornen @ Academill. We continue 19:30 at our studio @ Kasern 14 with sounds by Dråsa.

Dråsa is Sära Nawotka’s solo venture in which she aims to create lush textural soundscapes sculpted through improvisational nonverbal vocal manipulation using analogue and digital effects. Her current inspiration is the thematic exploration of the elemental symbolism of emotional spaces – in particular water and the force of currents, treading, and drowning as an allegory of emotional and cognitive dissonance.

Patrik Qvist is a Swedish artist whose body of work consists of performances, video works, social sculptures and public interventions. During our live event he will interact with his sculpture “Anteeksi” that he made during his residency at Platform in 2015.

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