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Passion 16.4.-29.4. and 30.4.-2.5.2004

Platform at MAMA in Rotterdam

The initial idea of curating a show about Finnish manliness resulted in two solo shows titled Passion.

Jörgen Erkius (SWE) Opening 16.4.2004
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Erkius’ work is based on a performance-like process. Often taking the form of a kind of circuit – it starts, goes on and ends, returning to a similar path as it began from. This process is documented. Sometimes the result is photos, sometimes video. The objects he uses are gone – something has changed, there is a trace of the happening left. In MAMA Jörgen engaged a motorcycle-stuntman to perform for the opening. The exhibition consisted of the trace he had left and a documenting photograph.

Jouni Partanen (FIN) Opening 30.4.2004
Lives and works in Lahti, Finland. Partanen often works spontaneously within or with a given social context. He is a performance artist, often within collaborations, but works also with drawings and objects. He uses himself as an object and as a frame of reference. This is a process where a series of performances, previously made objects, drawings and sometimes personal belongings leads to an installation. At the opening Jouni gave away or burnt all belongings, clothes and money he had brought with him, leaving himself naked and scraped bare in the street. Uncertain how the performance will end.

The exhibition was curated by Ulrika Ferm.



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