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Citymind Helsinki 17.4.–9.5.2004


Galleri Huuto from Helsinki was the third guest invited by Platform in spring 2004 under the theme Citymind. Galleri Huuto was founded in November 2002 following a strong urge to create a new independent and non-commercial exhibition space. Huuto was founded by 24 young artists as a one-year project, but continued after this and is considered today to be one of the most interesting exhibition spaces in Helsinki. The founding members of Huuto had in common an interest to gather different kinds of artists without forcing any artistic manifest. For them it was natural to offer all members the possibility to participate in the Platform exhibition. They chose to use a democratic and multi- purposed technique – the dia-positive. All artists handle dia-positives in different situations in their work. Everybody has them. Some of the artists had concentrated on the Citymind theme and prepared their pictures especially for the exhibition, but there were also found pictures and pictures from private archives. The resulting installation was made up of several projectors and over 400 pictures that were projected on different surfaces that simultaneously divided the room.   The installation can be seen as mirroring a cityscape where the visitor moves between the constantly changing sounds and pictures. The sounds were mixed with the clicking of the projector and together with the pictures formed a kind of “citymind”.

At the opening night the Helsinki-based Pink Twins played in the main market square in Vaasa.


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