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Independence! 6.10.–11.10.2008

A workshop on the politics and economics of independent initiatives 1:1projects, 6 – 11 October 2008, Rome


… from what, from whom, to do what, with whom?!


Keynote lecture by Maria Lind at MACRO

Public presentations and workshops at 1:1projects: Uqbar (Berlin, Germany), Platform (Vaasa, Finalnd), RDW (Reykjavik, Iceland), Färgfabriken (Stockholm, Sweden). Book presentation art-e-conomy [a theoretical reader] presented by curator Marko Stamenkovic.

Even though art is often perceived as the ultimate outsider, its relationship with economic and political systems is becoming increasingly sophisticated and multilayered. INDEPENDENCE! posits a blunt, urgent question: Independent from what and whom, to do what, with whom?!

INDEPENDENCE! analyses the practice and theory of the politics and economies of independent initiatives from Northern Europe. INDEPENDENCE! is an opportunity for the analysis of the language, perspectives and methods of distribution of contemporary culture through a practice-oriented experience: discussing the meaning of criticism, sharing knowledge and networking.

INDEPENDENCE! is organised in two sessions: a series of public events, including a lecture by Maria Lind, a book presentation with Marko Stamenkovic, and four presentations with the invited cultural associations Färgfabriken, Platform, RDW and Uqbar that will present their programmes and approaches; and a closed workshop attended by a group of selected participants from different media and cultural backgrounds: Milo Adami, Guido Affini, Anna Biagetti, Federica Bueti, Fabio Campagna, Gabriella Ciancillo, Giulia Cilla, O.B. De Alessi, Valerio Del Baglivo, Claudia Giordano, Gruppo Estraneo Permanente, Liquidcat, Francesca Manzini, Jacopo Mazzetti, and Zoe Romano.

To illuminate diverse aspects of INDEPENDENCE! 1:1projects hosts three artworks: Situation as of 31 July 2008 (1:1projects Roma), by Anna Scalfi, is composed of the five flags of the countries involved in the workshop, the length of every flag proportional to the number of women in each country’s Parliament; Festyessen (2008), a garland created by Carlo Steiner from newspaper articles about the Thyssen-Krupp case in December 2007, investigates the capacity and destination of socially engaged practices in relation to the art market; Carla’s non heroic jobs (2005), by Carla Cruz, highlights the relationship between the desire to produce ‘art’ and the social negotiations which shape it.

* The graphic design of the project was commissioned to Inclothink, a group of three young designers who collaborate with 1:1projects. Contact:

Conceived and organised by:

Community partner: UnDo.Net

Supported by: Nordic Council of Ministers, Macro Amici, NOMAS FOUNDATION, Ines Musumeci Greco


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Alt_Cph 2008

Copenhagen | 19.9–21.9.2008

Alt_Cph is a platform offering a joint public setting for alternative art spaces. This year Alt_Cph presented 18 non-profit art spaces and artistic initiatives from the following Nordic countries: Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The selection of works presented by Platform at Alt_Cph represent past, present and future visiting artists. The selected artists have in common that their artistic practice can be looked at through the conception of territory. Some works investigate different mechanisms, mapping or visual code that sustain territory, others try to expand territorial borders or even mark and occupy territory.

The ascription of value to a geographical place, that hosts the identification, forms the economical, political and historical base for recognizing territories. And this identification is in itself the actual foundation, platform or mental ground on which territory is claimed. The historical justification or explanation for current relations of possessing, distributing and producing is therefore a self-sustaining, closed circuit… not only in art. Territory must be re-thought as a fictional abstract conception, to open up a new critical view on ever acute political disproportion and create a new substitutional mental ground for identification and value production.

During Alt_Cph Emma Houlihan presented ‘Leg Up’, a new participative performance, whereby she facilitated urban exploration for Copenhagen citizens by offering her services in assisting people over the city’s walls. Leg Up questions our conception of built space and also seeks to investigate how boundaries define us and attempts to map new ways of traversing them. The first Leg Up was done at the Museum of the Harbour Laboratory (a project by Parfyme as part of U-turn).

Barry Sykes did two works on-site at Alt_Cph 2008: the wall drawing ‘Top Secret UK Airbase From Memory’ and the performance piece ‘Someone Else’s Small Hand Dance’ on stage. The wall drawing was an attempt to remember the map of a secret airbase he worked at some years previously. The performance was a re-enactment of the Small Hand Dance (Ceryth Wynn Evans’ original performance, performed at Serpentine Gallery almost a year earlier).

Wolf von Kries works with site-specific interventions that question the functioning of the social, economical or cultural structures which determine the perceptions of our daily routines. For his projects he often merges seemingly incompatible frames to suggest an alternative reading of ordinary objects or occurences which go far beyond their conventionally assigned meaning. In the series Puddles and Islands, he juxtaposes C.I.A. maps of Pacific islands with photographs of puddles which are nearly identical in shape. The result is a curious merge of references: while the origin of the maps suggests a political dimension raising questions of power, territory and manipulation, the corresponding photographs pick up on these elements to enter into a fuzzy, often inverted, dialectic between symbol and object, water and land, micro- and macrocosm or simply the ephemeral and the permanent.

Kalle Brolin showed ‘Roof Girls’, made during a NIFCA residency in Tallinn. It’s a film about teenage girls who climb the rooftops of Tallinn, where nobody dares to follow them. The film is split into three parts, which are also three ways of presenting the story – the girls’ own films of scary stunts and favorite roofs; an animation while Brolin lost track of them for a few weeks; and an interview he made with them when they met up again, talking about family, friends and inaccessibility, things which might drive them to climb the roofs.

In addition we also streamed the performance festival mope08 live that was going on in Vaasa during Friday 19th and Saturday 20th.


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Stockholm Art Fair 6.4.-10.4.2005


A 3D animation and presentation of the hockey players in Vaasa junior ice hockey team. A DVD by Kristian Simolin (FIN) was produced in co-operation with Platform and Vaasa Sport.



A container of sand from Namibia to the beach of Sandön in Vaasa, Finland. A project by Matti Braun (D) in co-operation with Platform.



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Stability Mobility, Rotterdam 30.6.-2.7.2004


Platform was invited to participate in the StabilityMobility seminar in Rotterdam. Together with Leif Skoog from Gallery 54 in Gothenburg, Ulrika Ferm held a workshop on Art in the Periphery.


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Passion 16.4.-29.4. and 30.4.-2.5.2004

Platform at MAMA in Rotterdam

The initial idea of curating a show about Finnish manliness resulted in two solo shows titled Passion.

Jörgen Erkius (SWE) Opening 16.4.2004
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Erkius’ work is based on a performance-like process. Often taking the form of a kind of circuit – it starts, goes on and ends, returning to a similar path as it began from. This process is documented. Sometimes the result is photos, sometimes video. The objects he uses are gone – something has changed, there is a trace of the happening left. In MAMA Jörgen engaged a motorcycle-stuntman to perform for the opening. The exhibition consisted of the trace he had left and a documenting photograph.

Jouni Partanen (FIN) Opening 30.4.2004
Lives and works in Lahti, Finland. Partanen often works spontaneously within or with a given social context. He is a performance artist, often within collaborations, but works also with drawings and objects. He uses himself as an object and as a frame of reference. This is a process where a series of performances, previously made objects, drawings and sometimes personal belongings leads to an installation. At the opening Jouni gave away or burnt all belongings, clothes and money he had brought with him, leaving himself naked and scraped bare in the street. Uncertain how the performance will end.

The exhibition was curated by Ulrika Ferm.



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InFest 25.2.-29.2.2004

Artist Run Culture

Seminar on artist-run initiatives held in Vancouver, Canada.


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Learning by doing


Platform made an exhibition at Verkligheten in Umeå. This was the second part of the joint exhibition by the members of Platform and the artist-run gallery Verkligheten (The Reality) in Umeå (S) on the theme Place and Identity.



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