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”Metvikens sopfest“, Vaasa by Light 2015

Project by Christoph Mügge, Platform residency november 2015
”Metvikens sopfest“ a blue, wooden construction seems to concurrently well out of three different garbage bins, and form a strong unity that also serves as pillars to support a tarpaulin.
The incorporated materials are a major part of the contemporary urban landscape and the various parts of mainly overlooked and decried parts of our everyday life are thoroughly arranged and intermingle in a transformative way that transcends both architectural and cultural hierarchies.

One of the garbage bins is for instance placed on a pedestal (out of concrete) and waste wood is enhanced and revives as a multifaceted construction that opens up a field of possibilities etched between breakdown and construction, detachment and attachment. Simultaneously, existing parts of the installation’s surroundings at Onkilahdenpuisto (Metviksparken) are highlighted and emphasized. During “Vaasa by Light 2015”, illumination seduces the passer-by to discover the work from different angles and look at what lies under the tent’s surface. It is up to the observer to constantly move between familiar life and its new incarnation as a vehicle for mind-blowing beauty.
The installation that is built under the harsh climate in November and can for example be read as an improvised emergency shelter is part of Platform’s theme ”Vaasa 20X0” that in my interpretation is Vaasa in a dystopian future where the welfare state has collapsed, living conditions and types of housing which we today primarily know from the Third World is part of the everyday and what previously had been called waste has got an entirely different value.

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