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Platform-Vaasa has a pleasure to invite you to the next 1+1 TALK with MARIA NORDBÄCK AND KRISTINA KRAMER, initiated by Sencer Vardarman, a residency artist of Platform.

Kristina Kramer and Maria Nordbäck will both meet for the first time and talk about their projects and approaches towards participatory practices in artistic production and exhibition making.

Maria Nordbäck describes herself as a community artist. In her often site-specific artistic practise she works with different goups of people. Taking the role of a researcher she investigates different stories and social, political and cultural issues. Norbäck works with different media grouped around specific themes and meanings, ranging from video, photo, performance, installation to, most recently, a board game.

Kristina Kramer will talk about selected projects and past exhibitions that were based on collaboration and participation in a wider sense, such as „On Produceabilty“, a collaboration between alti aylik and nüans from Düsseldorf (Anna Heidenhain, Elmar Hermann, Maki Umehara) that started in 2008; particularly “Methodical Inquiries”, a series of „in-situ discussion experiments“ in collaboration with Adnan Yıldız and Övül Durmuşoğlu; and other projects hosted by Polistar. She will also talk about „even my mum can make a book“, a mobile fanzine and artist book archive that was started together with Gamze Özer and Timothee Huguet. The archive travells through different spaces and geographies and is open to anyone to join.

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