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Artist in residence: Diana Dulgheru

Although imperceptible at first, the cultural differences appear in a subtle way in one’s mind creating an off-balance feeling. I discovered Finland in a gradual way, finding the differences in all the details, starting with food, the organization of the space and ending with people’s attitude, introverted, focused, firm. I perceived them as being warm.

The whole experience seemed shorter than I thought it would be and proved to be life-changing and inspiring even if I already was interested in the minimalist way of expression.

During the residence I focused on finding a connection between my artistic statement in general and the things that impressed me the most, a common ground.

Being the result of this one-month Platform residence in Vaasa, Finland, the audiovisual project solid grey seeks to find a direct, abstract translation of the specific minimalist and functional Finnish architecture of the blocks of flats into sound and visual forms. The relation between space and form which is as important as the volumetric shape, the basic building volume, the compact forms and city plans were sources of fascination and served as a foundation for this audiovisual reflection.’

minim | Diana Dulgheru is an artist whose main interest is to work with sounds reduced to their purest form. Through her projects she explores the relation between sound and visual form, focusing on the visualization of sound and the aesthetic possibilities of the digital errors.

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