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CFL, Tammisaari (Ekenäs) February 2010

Land we have / Land vi ha

Vasa 2010 | Exhibited in Elverket, Tammisaari (Ekenäs)

The project is a site-specific initiative that explores notions about identity, and relationship to place and patriotism. The work is an audiovisual interpretation of an experiment where CFL members invited persons from different origins based in Ostrobothnia to sing the regional Swedish national anthem together.

To sing in a choir is about accepting that the presentation of the expression of the group has a greater impact for the cultural experience than the individual influence. Through the conventions that choir-singing assume as an artistic expression, CFL wants to make visible universal patterns of how human beings express cultural belonging and raise questions and interpretations relating to fellowship, alienation, identity, time and place.

The project was part of a regional project where different collectives were invited to work on the concept of Ostrobothnia. Exhibited in Elverket, Tammisaari (Ekenäs) in February 2010.

CFL: Albert Braun, Dragos Alexandrescu, Ulrika Ferm, Hannah Kaihovirta-Rosvik, Jimmy Pulli, Tuomo Väänänen, Maria Ångerman
Guests: Mikael Heikius (FIN), Edmond Nushi (KOS), Ilias Missyris (G), Oyeyiola Francis Bamidele (GH), Roberto Urrutia (PE), Ronan O’Hara (IRE), Hanne Larsen (NO), Carolin Koss (DE), Courtney Hodgkin (AUS), Jenny Baines (UK)


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