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Platform Parasite Art Event Friday 25.9.2009

Istanbul – Vaasa 2009

The event was part of an ongoing collaborative art project that Cheap Finnish Labour (CFL) started as a social intervention in Istanbul and realised in parallel with the inauguration of the 11th Istanbul Biennale. Between the 8th and 15th September, fourteen artists and cultural workers who run the Platform Contemporary Art Space in Vaasa, attended and explored the centre of Istanbul and the venue of the Istanbul Biennale. Inspired by Bertol Brecht’s verfremdungseffekt, distancing as an artistic and staging effect, the CFL group explored distancing as a source for art practice in Istanbul. By generating situated and relational interventions between artists, cultural workers, arts, public space and audience, CFL generated interpretation spaces for dialogue on the contemporary human condition. CFL highlighted the outcomes from the intervention by stressing Parasitism; an activity where the parasite stays alive by creating a symbiotic relation to the host.

Now, back in Vaasa, CFL invites you to a continued dialogue by framing a Platform Parasite Art Event where the documentation of CFL’s Istanbul experience is presented as a replica and postproduction of the Istanbul atmosphere. The Platform Parasite Art Event is composed as a concentrated social zone including Istanbul staging, guides, exteriors, interiors, noise, music, flavours and movements.

CFL Dragos Alexandrescu, Albert Braun, Ulrika Ferm, Joakim Hansson, Rasmus Hedlund, Marcus Lerviks, Eija Leinonen, Maria Lundström, Maria Nordbäck, Peter Rosvik, Tuomo Väänänen, Maria Ångerman, Hans Österblad.
Guest Guillaume Aubry (FRA)
Curator Hannah Kaihovirta-Rosvik


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