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“Tomma händer – Tomma händer – Empty hands”

Jörgen Erkius | Nordic Residency December 2008 – February 2009


The film “Tomma händer” is based on a poem by the Finnish poet and playwright Josef Julius Wecksell (1838-1907), namely the second of three fragments. It represents an early vision on later modernistic litterature and was written during the time of his mental breakdown. Probably in the year 1862 at the age of 23.

“Tomma händer
Mörka stränder
Sorgsen våg och tyst
Varifrån komma
Ord som blomma
Döden allt ju kysst”


14’00. In the roles of Josef Julius Wecksell: Sue Lemström and Julia Johansson.

The film had its premiere at Ritz, Vaasa, 12th February 2009.


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