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Just moved in 19.3.-26.3.2006

Yoko Iida


Yoko Iida, born in Toyota (Japan), works and lives in Los Angeles (USA) and is the artist during February – March at KulturÖsterbotten’s Artist in Residency programme at Ateljé Stundars.

During her stay she will continue to develop Tea House Project, an artwork that started in 2004. Site and culturally specific, her work exists in a variety of forms.

Artist and writer Brad Spence writes:
“I would characterize her work as oscillating quite comfortably between conceptual and design concerns in a way that is quite unique. […]
Process and site-specificity are always integral to her work, but not in the usual ways I have come to associate with these words. She has an incredibly light touch with both materials and subject, but she nonetheless brings up social-political-historical issues. As an artist she is rigorous, poetic and remarkably open to possibilities.”

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