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Citymind Lahti



Tommi Autio and Mikael Vallgren, Lahden lyhyt oppimäärä (The short story of Lahti) 2003, soundwork
The inspiration for the work has been the sounds cape in the middle of which the city inhabitant live. It contains facts about Lahti, from different parts of town and some special details from the personal histories of the artists. Originally it was made for the market square of Lahti, where it was heard at the long night of the arts in 2003.

Sari Hakala, Tällä paikalla (In this place) 2004, Photo installation
The installation is a subjective and everyday experience of Lahti. The work consists of fragments of personal history and places, small memories that are saved for the future, in this case in mini-grip plastic bags.

Pekka Purhonen, Three short videoperformances in Lahti City 2003, UN Sight Seeing Tour In Lahti, L.S.D Lahden Sculpture Department, Wunder Traum (wonder dream).

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