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Culture Soup 7 July

Culture soup on 7 July.

Artist-talks and presentations by Constanza Carvajal, Alan Rios & Stephanie Quirola.

From the beginning of June Platform is hosting 3 artists for a groupresidency.

One of the goals with the residency is that the artists would produce something that can be presented during Night of the Arts on 11 August.


On 7 July Platform arranged a Culture Soup for the public to enjoy a free bowl of soup and be introduced to the new artists- in – residence.


Stephanie Quirola (USA/BEL)
“My interests are varied and at times maybe even a bit dispersed. in short and at the moment i’m interested in symbiotic relationships (trying to think about ways of moving away from an individualistic human-centered point of view), nature/physics and queer performativity, ways of intra-acting with others, how to open up discussions and environments that are responsive/sentive to whoever or whatever inhabits them”
Alan Rios (MEX)
“I studied architecture and graduated in 2015, not happy with the way we are designing and building cities. I drifted towards ephemeral architecture and installations as a way of addressing actual social problems, so my work is mostly site and context specific.”
Constanza Carvajal (CHL/DEU)
“My artistic practice focuses on the aesthetics of the everyday and the seemingly
"unimportant" as well as on the perception of progress, modernity – architecture, urban life –
and the dialogues between them.”


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