Emergency Weather

exhibition DAZIBAO Montreal | 4.9–4.10.2008

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emergency weather

Between 1939 and 1946, under the Emergency Powers Act, Ireland finds itself immersed in fog. During that period, as for various other kinds of information, weather reports are being censored. Drawing from the archives of the National Library of Ireland and of the Irish Times, Ulrika Ferm attempts to recreate a statistical register of the meteorological conditions of the time. Particularly interested in forgotten, neglected or unexplained historical phenomena, Ferm’s work, underpinned by a subtle narrative, slips between what these documents reveal and what they recount. Emergency Weather takes on a hybrid quality, existing as both document and fiction.

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exhibition in Galway| 2007

Berlin Weather


...the weather is always good in Armenia


Weather is a topic for small-talk, it means in order to be polite we talk about the weather when we don't know what else to talk about, or we change the subject to the weather when we want to avoid a sensitive topic. In swedish there is an idiom that literally translated would be "pretending it rains" describing that you act as you wouldn't notice something or as nothing was wrong.

ararat in fog

the ararat mountain should be filling the sky in this photo... but unfortiunately it was foggy

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