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Trialogi 11.12.–23.12.2005

Heini Aho, Tanja Koistila, Jaana Kokko and Matti Vainio

Trialogi is an exhibition performed in three exhibition spaces. Apart from Platform, is has been showed at Muu in Helsinki and Titanik in Turku. The shape of the exhibition has changed from place to place.

The concept of the exhibition is based on the thought of sharing art and the making of art using different methods. In the earlier exhibitions the works have been based on collective sharing, for instance through having the same sketch book being used by all the members, or through a self-portrait series of 16 pictures, where 12 of them are copies of the originals.

In the exhibition at Platform, the gallery was used as the artists’ common studio. The work process relied on, and could be taken part in, by both the artists and the audience. The artists worked together 4 + 4 days, and the opening was held in the middle of this process.

Ready and half-made works – paintings, collages, sculptures and videos – and the limits of the working process were mixed.



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Borders 26.11.2005

– a one-minute film festival



Border Dialogues – the Barents Art Triennal is an international art project that aims to mediate and explore questions, responses, experiences and feelings related to the conceptions of borders. The project is organised in different steps with activities such as exhibitions, community projects, texts, workshops and events held in different locations from mid-2005 to mid-2006. The border dialogues project is managed by Pikene på Broen (Kirkenes), Verkligheten (Umeå) and University of Lapland (Rovaniemi).

The One-Minute Film festival contains films gathered from around the world – all based on the theme of borders. The 56 participating film-makers have interpreted the theme from different angles and the films deal with various questions, including language, geographical borders and personal ones, among others.

The films make up a loop of 56 minutes and will be screened continuously between 6–10 p.m. on Saturday 26th November at Platform. On the same day they will be shown at Gallery Verkligheten in Umeå, and at Generator in Dundee, Scotland.



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Between 5.10.-20.10.2005

Dragos Alexandrescu


Through a collaboration with gallery Vector in Iasi, Romania, Dragos Alexandrescu stayed at Platform’s residency during September and October 2005. He participated in MOPE 05 and realized an individual project, ‘Between’. A photo studio was set up in the gallery and through a flyer he invited people to come and have their photograph taken. As a closing-up of the project, the people could come and get a copy of their photos. The idea of the project was to establish a link between the audience and Platform, between the audience and the process itself of making art.


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The Cut 16.4.–15.5.2005

TEA – Jon Biddulph, Peter Hatton, Lynn Pilling, Val Murray



The Cut is a recording of a boat journey on the Leeds and Liverpool canal in the U.K. The canal was once the main transport link between the towns during the early industrialisation period. This is a record of the urban and rural areas that the canal passes through, it is an investigation of its context. Video cameras were set up back to back on the boat pointing towards the bank recording all 35 miles of the 3-day journey.

It is presented in the Gallery on two screens; the audience sit where the boat had been. The synchronised videos of both banks of the canal are projected onto the two screens. The landscape, both urban and rural, passes slowly on the screens at the speed the boat travelled. The edited journey takes six hours. Whenever the video shows the underside of a bridge, a spoken commentary begins accompanying the viewer along the next section of the recorded journey. Welcome to the opening 15.04.05 at 19:00. Artist2Artist; the artists will present their work at 18:00.

TEA is a group of four artists who have worked together on projects since 1987. TEA’s work is process-based, site-related, interdisciplinary and contextual. Outcomes have been large scale sculptural installations, published books, video installations and audio installations. Recent work has been an investigation of place and the representation of its multiple identities.


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Pay per view 20.2.–20.3.2005

Jani Leinonen


Pay-per-View is an installation that was Jani Leinonen’s final work from the Art Academy in Helsinki and that has been on display in several places, for instance in Plus Ultra Gallery in New York in 2002.

The installation consists of paintings that have been framed by a special frame with in-built slot machinery and a liquid-crystal frame glass. In a normal state the glass is opaque, enabling the visitor to see the painting. The paintings are each made of artists selected by Platform and Jani Leinonen; the artists include Fritz Jakobsson, Juha Tammenpää and Sami Lukkarinen, to name a few.
The artists’ names are carved on a copper plate within the frame. When the viewer sets a coin in the slot at the side of the frame, the glass turns transparent revealing the hidden painting for fifteen seconds. The different paintings have different prices determined by the artist’s position in the art field.

In the beginning of one show, fifteen seconds of Gerhard Richter cost 2 euros, while street artist Kalevi Tulla cost only 20 cents. Once viewers start using the works, the prices start following the laws of supply and demand: The more often the price is paid, the higher it gets and vice versa.

Jani Leinonen



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Citymind Helsinki 17.4.–9.5.2004


Galleri Huuto from Helsinki was the third guest invited by Platform in spring 2004 under the theme Citymind. Galleri Huuto was founded in November 2002 following a strong urge to create a new independent and non-commercial exhibition space. Huuto was founded by 24 young artists as a one-year project, but continued after this and is considered today to be one of the most interesting exhibition spaces in Helsinki. The founding members of Huuto had in common an interest to gather different kinds of artists without forcing any artistic manifest. For them it was natural to offer all members the possibility to participate in the Platform exhibition. They chose to use a democratic and multi- purposed technique – the dia-positive. All artists handle dia-positives in different situations in their work. Everybody has them. Some of the artists had concentrated on the Citymind theme and prepared their pictures especially for the exhibition, but there were also found pictures and pictures from private archives. The resulting installation was made up of several projectors and over 400 pictures that were projected on different surfaces that simultaneously divided the room.   The installation can be seen as mirroring a cityscape where the visitor moves between the constantly changing sounds and pictures. The sounds were mixed with the clicking of the projector and together with the pictures formed a kind of “citymind”.

At the opening night the Helsinki-based Pink Twins played in the main market square in Vaasa.


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