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Cheap Finnish Labour Exploring Alternative Economies

XX1 Gallery, Warsaw 1.–15.2.2007

In every culture there are similarities. Is it possible to melt in, to become a temporary part of the different and the unfamiliar? Or is the only possibility to orientate in an unfamiliar environment to do what we would usually do? Or is it possible to to make alternative choices out of this position, to make a difference? What actually happens when you try to melt in, to be part of the other, the unfamiliar? Is it not then that you can alter perspectives and in this way notice and make visible that which is everyday and extraordinary existing right in the core but not seen? Or is it the other way around, we end up at the margins, or even worse, in a void between spaces that is neither familiar nor unfamiliar, or even both? Can one create a turning point in this void and become a hero in someone’s world?


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